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    Top Gun is a full service, interactive marketing agency delivering measurable ROI-focused results for our clients through search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) management, and social media marketing strategy. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, with theTop Gun team you can count on experienced, highly-trained and tested search engine marketing professionals to coordinate and manage your campaigns. If your current SEO provider or in-house search marketing efforts leave you adrift, then let us provide a free, no-pressure consultation.







    The individually-crafted internet marketing strategies we provide are proven to increase qualified traffic to your organization’s website via the appropriate marketing channels, leading to greater market awareness and customer acquisition. Our full-service approach includes the planning, execution, and continual analytics-based fine-tuning of website and marketing activities appropriate to your budget and needs.

    You’ve invested time and money into your website. But, is your website getting noticed? Are you getting the leads and conversions you need from your site?If you’re not using Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, your website may be getting lost among your competitors. Why? It’s simple. Your site needs to have the best possible keywords that your customers are searching for when using search engines, like Google®, Yahoo®, and Bing®.Top Gun Web Group has many years of experience assisting companies with their Search Engine Optimization. We’ll use our proven methods to get your website ranked as high as possible. Our Goal is to get you ranked in the Top Ten. Let’s get started!

    Integrity in Search Engine Optimization

    We deliver integrity via ethical, proven and responsible strategies to achieve the legitimate search engine optimization needs of both large and small clients. We do not take advantage of the search engine myths, half truths, and ignorance faced by many clients which can either provide no results or, worse yet, result in a search engine penalty. We explain in plain english our strategy, and patiently answer all of your questions. As search engine optimization is not a one time effort, despite what some will tell you, we establish ongoing professional relationships with our clients with an eye towards long term, lasting success.

    Search Engine Optimization Results
    We deliver search engine results to our clients across a spectrum of industries and pride ourselves on being industry leaders. We conduct ongoing research into uncharted territory, continually testing innovative and novel approaches to search engine optimization. We believe that all of our website promotion techniques are algorithm independent - meaning that by creating natural, quality links to rich content on your site you never have to worry about trying to "trick" the search engines through black hat techniques. As a result, our clients' sites performwell after each search engine update, unlike the techniques of some other SEO firms who chase the latest algorithm and try to find ways to circumvent the spirit behind the algorithm.





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